Our Mission

Real People

In a world full of facades, phonies, and fronts… we strive to be Real People. We choose not to hide behind masks, but openly represent our true selves by not hiding behind religion. Our desire is to not only be Real People, but to reach Real People… the broken, the rejected, the jaded, and the undesirable. We believe that the body of Christ is a beautiful mosaic of broken people that aren’t much alone, but together create something amazing.

Real Passion

We love God and believe our passion is evident and should never be toned down, hidden, or altered to be politically correct. We are a group of Real People who live in a full speed abandon towards a Real God. Therefore our worship service is a reflection of the recklessly passionate excitement we have for our God.

Real Faith

Our church is standing here today because of our bold reliance upon The Father. Our faith makes a difference in our lives and changes the way we live, love, and serve. We advocate a full trust and dependency upon God.