Our Story

Our Past

Passion Community Church has been serving the Lynchburg Area for over 70 years originally known as the Lynchburg Church of God. The Lynchburg Church of God moved to our current location on Breezewood Drive in 1981. Up until 2009, the Lynchburg Church of God had been a very traditional church in style and practice. In 2009 the church had a leadership change and our current Senior Pastor began to take the church in a new direction. Pastor Mike Kirby instituted a change to the entire culture of the church. He instituted the church’s current philosophy of being a church of “Real People, with Real Passion, and Real Faith”. He also brought a fresh new way of doing ministry and a contemporary style of worship service. Our church building has gone through structural changes as well. We have renovated almost every square foot of our church building.

Our Present

Our Vision is to be a Multi-Campus Church that is “Large enough to make an impact and small Enough to Care”.  We realized that our vision was bigger than our name as we wanted to plant new campuses and reach more than just the city of Lynchburg. We prayerfully changed our name from the Lynchburg Church of God to Passion Community Church.  We felt the name Passion Community fully embodied who we are as a church… A Community of Passionate believers made up of real people with real passion and real faith.  Even though we changed our name, Passion Community remains a part of the www.churchofgod.org denomination.

Our Future

As our church continues to grow, we continually find new ways to effectively reach our community for the Kingdom of God. We invite others to join us in this process and be a part of what God is doing here at Passion Community Church. We are not a perfect church… nor do we claim to be. But with every person that joins with us, we become one step closer to become the church that God intended to be.