Welcome to Passion College!

There are five colleges in and around the Lynchburg area. While many college students come and go without really connecting or feeling involved at a church, here at Passion we are a tight knit family and it is our desire to invite every college student to be a part of our family.

Through Passion College, we connect college students to each other through events throughout the year. We also connect the students to the church and find areas for them to serve while they are here that connect with their callings and skills.

If you want to get connected or find out when we are meeting next, email Pastor Tommy (tommy@passioncommunity.org).

Tommy Clark

Family Ministries Pastor

Passion College is lead by Pastor Tommy Clark. Tommy has been at Passion since 2019 and is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus with students of all ages! If you have any questions about Passion College, feel free to email him (tommy@passioncommunity.org).