Family Ministries

Welcome to Passion Family Ministries!

At Passion Community, we believe that families are so important to the heart of God! It is our desire to see children of all ages excited and passionate about following Jesus and we want to partner with your family to see this happen! Check out the links below to see the different opportunities for your kids to get involved and learn about Jesus!

Our Approach

Discipleship in kids is best done when we partner together. This is why we use a concept and curriculum called “Orange” for kids ages 0 through 12th grade. It follows the idea that if the Church is the light (yellow) and the home is the heart (red) then together (orange!) we can help our kids grow in Christ. We know that each stage of life is different, so we have a specific focus for each age category.

In the same way we have specific strategies to connect with our parents:

  • Trust: We want parents to be at ease during services knowing we are caring for their children both physically and spiritually.
  • Establish: We strive to establish relationships with parents to provide resources and opportunities to help your child grow spiritually. We also want to help establish healthy family relationships that create an environment of spiritual growth.
  • Partner: We want parents to know that they have a partner when it comes to their kid’s spiritual development. We are also here for everything your family goes through from happy times to sad ones.

Our desire is to see your child experience the love and care of the Lord, discover who He is, learn about their true identity in the Lord, and, finally, take ownership of their faith and their role in the Kingdom of God as they exit high school and begin college or even enter the workforce.