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At Passion Community, we believe strongly in Jesus’ command to make disciples (Matthew 28:19). We also believe that community is the context where true discipleship takes place. One of the ways that we pursue this community is through our Passion Groups. These groups are made of men and women of all ages and walks of life who meet together every other week to share their lives with one another, study the Word of God, and pray for each other and our community. No group is perfect and no group is exactly the same, but that’s because none of us are either. Passion Groups are a place for you to connect and grow exactly where you are at right now.


At Passion Community we believe that the overflow of discipleship and Gospel-centered community is service. Jesus said that he came to be a servant to all and our goal is follow in His footsteps (Matthew 20:28). At Passion Community we have multiple opportunities for you to serve no matter what you are interested in or skilled at.