Family Ministries Pastor | Full-Time


  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Be a partner in good standing.
  • Demonstrate a desire to teach, disciple, and lead the next generation of believers.
  • Have experience in Family Ministry, preferably in a leadership role.
  • Preferably have an educational background in Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Biblical Studies, and/or a related field.


To ignite a desire for a genuine relationship with Christ and to equip and lay the foundation for spiritual growth in the next generation of believers. To help foster a safe environment where the next generation of believers can explore their faith and build meaningful relationships while being challenged to grow. To encourage and equip parents to engage in their family’s spiritual development. To provide a consistent and quality experience for all family ministries. 


Working directly under the supervision of the Executive Pastor.  The position will be evaluated every 6 months.


  • Responsible for the oversight and leadership of all family ministries including the following:
    • Passion Nursery
    • Passion Kids
    • Passion Youth
    • Passion College
  • Responsible for organizing volunteer schedules and curriculum management for family ministries.  
  • Oversee all family ministry services, events, and other activities.
  • Manage the purchasing of supplies needed for family ministries. 
  • Facilitate effective family ministries within Passion Community measured by spiritual growth.
  • Develop volunteers and leaders for all family ministries.
  • Communicate consistently with parents as well as provide the tools to help parents engage in their family’s spiritual development.  
  • Provide opportunities for outreach to the community and ways to serve the church body for family ministries. 
  • Resolve all behavior issues and conflicts within any family ministry. 
  • Provide vision and direction for the future of family ministries at Passion Community. 
  • Serve on the Pastoral Leadership Team helping to plan and execute the overall mission and vision for Passion Community.  
  • Fulfill other full-time ministry duties that may be assigned by the Lead Pastor, or Executive Pastor.  
  • Assist with the overall pastoral care and discipleship of the church.  
  • Serve as a small group leader to assist in community and discipleship efforts.  


  • Should always exhibit professionalism, demonstrated by: an organized and composed demeanor, conscientious work ethic, a willingness and ability to work at a fast pace within a variety of settings and circumstances, with flexibility.
  • Should exercise discernment and wise judgment.
  • Should be a person who gives extreme attention to details with an eye for excellence.
  • Should be a self-starter, good at multitasking and prioritizing projects.
  • Endorse and support Passion Community Church and its mission and vision as well as the ministries of the worldwide work of the Church of God.
  • Support all 6 core values of Passion Community Church.
  • Embody the organizational values of Passion Community Church.
  • Maintain personal spiritual development through Bible reading, prayer, and Christian community.