Join Passion Community as we prepare for the future by maximizing the spaces and resources we have right now. The Legacy Project is a building upgrade and expansion project that we believe will position us to reach and serve our community with the hope of the Gospel as we steward  the facilities we have already been given.

A Word from Pastor Mike


  1. Goal: $130,000

Because of your faithful generosity, we have been able to seed $30,000 of the total cost of this project.


Current Total: $88,000

  • 68% 68%

What are we doing?

There’s a lot packed into this project! Take a look at some of the upgrades and improvements we will be making as a result of your partnership and generosity.

Passion Kids

Family Wing Improvements

As our family ministries keep expanding our Family Wing is in need of additional space and upgraded resources in each room.


Kitchen/Lobby Remodel

We will be remodeling our kitchen for more efficiency and expanding our lobby to create more space for connection and improved foot traffic flow.


New Church Office Space

Our church offices (currently in our kitchen!) will be moved into the church owned house next door to allow a more appropriate space for church meetings and counseling appointments.

Outreach Project Space

The basement of the church owned house next door will be set up to house the resources and prep areas for our outreach projects.

Updated Lighting

Lighting in our sanctuary will be updated to provide better light during our services as well as to improve our energy efficiency.


A Word from Pastor Mike

Thirteen years ago we launched our first major renovation project under my leadership as Pastor. We swapped pews for chairs, gave everything a fresh coat of paint, and created our lobby, among other things.  Since then we have taken on several facilities upgrades, including building the Family Wing, expanding our sanctuary, and putting a new roof on our building. The most recent of these projects, building a parking lot, provided some much needed parking but also set the tone for our future with a site for our new larger sanctuary. 

We aren’t ready for the new sanctuary yet, but we are quickly running out of space. Passion Kids has grown and has taken over the last available room in our Family Wing, forcing us to set up the church office in the kitchen. We have maxed out our storage capacity putting limitations on what we can do as a church, especially with our new outreach partnerships. Our existing building needs to be updated to be good stewards of our finances helping us save money in monthly energy costs so future tithe dollars can be spent doing ministry instead of on utility bills. We are launching The Legacy Project to do one final building project with our current footprint before we move to our biggest project yet – a new sanctuary.

We are calling it The Legacy Project for two reasons.  First, this project invests in the future of our church… our children. The thriving children’s ministry we started praying for thirteen years ago is here and it’s time to invest in it. Second, this project paves the way for our future as a church. We believe that the action we take today is a seed being planted for the future growth of Passion Community and, far more importantly, the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are looking for people who are legacy minded and willing to invest in the future work of God through Passion Community.  People who are willing to invest now so we can see both the physical and spiritual next generations go further than us in the future. We exist as a church today because someone believed in what God was going to do through Passion Community in 2022 and beyond when they built our original building in 1981. In 2009, someone bought the chairs we sit and hear the word of God together. We are able to park our cars in a spot that some of us didn’t pay for. One day, someone will say, I was touched by the ministry of this Passion Community because we were willing to invest in them through projects like these.

Passion Community | Lead Pastor

How You Can Get Involved


As we start into the planned upgrades and renovations for our building, we will need all the help we can get! Sign up to help during one of our work days!

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This project, and the ministry of Passion Community, are only possible because of your generosity and faithfulness in giving towards the work of the Lord here. Click the link below to donate directly to The Legacy Project.

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