Check this page for regular updates regarding the operational status of Passion Community.

COVID-19 Update (5/14/2020)

After 10 weeks of being limited to online services only, we are excited to announce that we will be re-opening our building for in person services starting on May 24, 2020. This re-opening will be done in accordance with guidelines and ordinances issued by the Governor of Virginia.

Here a few important notes about our re-opening plan:

  • Attendance will be limited to 50% or less of our usual capacity for a given service.
  • Two services (9 AM and 11 AM) will be offered in order to aid in social distancing
  • Common surfaces and door handles will be sanitized before and after each service.
  • Passion Kids and Passion Nursery will not be available
  • Face masks are encouraged for all attendees and required for all volunteers
  • Seating has been re-arranged to allow for better social distancing
    • Family members will be allowed to sit together
    • Non-family members will be asked to sit 6 feet apart
  • Online streaming of both services will still be provided and those who are immunocompromised or are not comfortable gathering in person due to other concerns are encouraged to participate digitally.
  • Coffee and other refreshments will not be provided due to health concerns.

Volunteers Needed

Re-opening Passion will only be possible with your help. If you are comfortable attending services in person, please consider volunteering in one of our serve teams. Even if you are currently serving on a serve team, contact your team leader to see what areas need the most help as we transition back.


We Want To Know!

Our first priority as we transition back, is your safety and health. One of the most important parts of planning and preparing is understanding what your plans and comfort levels are. Please take 60 seconds to fill out a quick survey and let us know whether you are interested in attending a service in person or would rather continue participating online.

Take the Survey!

Have More Questions?

Email [email protected] with any additional questions.


Helping Out During COVID-19 Crisis


WHO: You. Anyone you know. Anyone you don’t know.

WHAT: Giving toilet paper to help those at or below the poverty line

HOW: Give online to Benevolence. Proceeds will be used to donate toilet paper to The Agape Center for distribution.

Full Explanation

Many of you have asked for ways that you can serve at Passion and in our community during this time and we have been hard at work trying to find the best and opportunities for you to serve that are impactful and also comply with the social distancing guidelines in the State of Virginia. One such opportunity that was discovered was that our partners at The Agape Center are still operating during this time and are specifically short on toilet paper to distribute to those at or below the poverty line. For $50 we are able to buy 96 rolls of toilet paper direct from wholesalers so that we do not take it off take valuable resources for our community off of the shelves of our local stores. We would like to commit to buying 2,000 rolls of toilet paper (approximately $1,000) to donate to The Agape Center.

If you would like to give to this need, simply mark your check or online gift as Benevolence. All gifts marked this way and received this week will be used to provide for families in need. For more information on how to give, go to passioncommunity.org/give.

If you or your family is in need, please email [email protected].

Passion Online (updated 3/19/2020)

The COVID-19 situation in our country is rapidly changing and information is coming at a very fast pace.  We recognize that many areas of our lives can seem uncertain, but as a community full of people of faith, we want to do all we can to join together and provide hope and stability.  The leadership for Passion Community has been working diligently together this week to provide for you amazing opportunities to connect, pray, worship and grow together when we can’t meet in person.  While many people may see this as a roadblock for the church, we see this as an opportunity to reach more people with the hope of the gospel.

Here is our plan moving forward:

Online Services

We are committed to make improvements to our online service capabilities.  As a church, we want to be good neighbors by thinking of everyone in our community by following the advice from the CDC.  For the next few weeks, we will be having online services until it’s safe for us to resume our regularly scheduled services in our building.  We are excited to announce PassionCommunity.Online.Church as our dedicated site for our online services.  This platform will allow us to watch the service, discuss what God is teaching us, and ask someone to pray for us.

I want to encourage you to engage in our service through this new platform and use technology to connect with each other and to challenge each other to continue following Jesus this Sunday at 11:00 AM.

Care & Prayer

Community is essential to who we are as a church.  We want to know how you are doing and how all the changes have affected you and your family.  Please don’t hesitate to communicate your needs to us. We would love to help in any way we are able.  It’s times like these we feel the church needs to Be the Church. Our prayer team is standing by ready to pray for you.  Email [email protected] to have your prayer request sent directly to our prayer team and [email protected] if you have any needs that we can help meet.

Family Ministries

With schools and preschools closed, we want to be a resource for our families during this season.  We will be sending age appropriate ideas, videos, and parent resources for children for Passion Nursery and Passion Kids.  All parents that have checked their child into our Children’s wing on a Sunday morning, will receive emails with these amazing resources.  Our Passion Youth will also be provided with weekly devotional content that will help encourage and develop them in their relationship with God.  If you would like to be included in these emails and you have never checked in your child please email [email protected].

Passion Groups

Our passion groups will continue to meet, but in an online video chat format.  Your Passion Group leader will reach out to you and invite you to a group video chat.  We look forward to seeing your face and connecting with you. If you are not in a Passion group and want the opportunity to connect with other people in our church to grow, pray, and share life together; we are creating room for you.  Sign up and you will be invited to join one of our amazing groups.

Connect With Us

Maybe you have visited us a few Sundays or only have seen us online but you aren’t fully connected to us.  We would love to get to know you and provide help, hope, care, or prayer for you and your family. Feel free to connect with us through our online connect form.


COVID-19 Update (3/12/2020)


We’re all aware of the evolving situation with COVID-19 around the world, and we as a church leadership team are aware that our response as a church is likely on your mind right now. 

For the following reasons, the leadership of Passion Community has decided to cancel our Sunday worship services for the next few weeks and replace them with an online service Sundays at 11 AM.  

  • CARE: Our response to move to an online format is not based on fear, but because we care deeply for our people. Our body’s health and well being are extremely important to us. We realize the risk of contracting COVID-19  in a large gathering, especially for those with pre-existing health conditions. 
  • COMMUNITY: Our community consists of college students and their parents traveling from their hometowns, new families that are visiting us, and a consistent base of out of town visitors, along with our year round regular attenders and partners.  We recognize that our varied community puts us at risk from getting COVID-19 from other areas of the country.
  • BUILDING: We do not want to put people at a greater risk because we have a small facility for the size of our congregation.  Most Sundays because of our crowds we are in very tight proximity alongside those whom we worship with.


  • PRAY for our community, our nation, and our world as well as those directly affected by COVID-19. Pray for the health care workers that are treating the sick and those public health administrators making difficult decisions. Pray that God would protect our community from further spread of the virus.
  • FAITH over fear: spread hope within your circles of influence and not fear. In this season of fear and panic, our church community can be a beacon of hope, light, faith, and love for our world.
  • GATHER in your homes with your family or friends and watch Church Online with us this Sunday.
  • PRACTICE recommended personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. Avoid contact with the sick and stay home if you’re sick.