Welcome to Young Pros!

Who do we consider to be a Young Pro? Anyone who falls within grad school through married without kids (under 35).  You do not have to be in grad school or married, this is simply the demographic/life stage we consider to be a Young Pro.

Your mid-to-late 20’s and early 30’s are filled with transitions. It’s easy to blend in, feel lost, and in an in-between stage of life void of community. We want to help foster this community and cultivate relationships between you and your peers.

This is not a singles group, not a Bible Study, but simply a time for our Young Pros to gather, support, and encourage one another while fostering fellowship and building biblical community. We hope Passion Young Pros serves you well by providing a space of belonging for you, and helps you feel more connected at Passion!

Interested in joining Passion Young Pros or have any questions? Email youngpros@passioncommunity.org. 


Matt & Kacey Young

Communities Coordinators

Passion Young Pros is a one of our Passion Communities, led by Matt & Kacey Young. Matt and Kacey have been a part of Passion since 2020 and are passionate about connecting people of all ages to the heart of God! If you have any questions about any of our Communities, feel free to email communities@passioncommunity.org).