Welcome to Passion Youth!

At Passion Youth our desire is for our students to buy into the mission and vision of our church. We strive to provide a safe environment where students can explore their faith while being challenged to grow in their relationship and understanding of God. We encourage our students to help other students belong to Passion Community by building meaningful relationships and we hope to get all of our students to serve the local church and love their community. We also have events through out the year that connect our students and strengthen our relationships with each other.

If you want to get connected or find out when we are meeting next, email Pastor Tommy (tommy@passioncommunity.org).

Tommy Clark

Family Ministries Pastor

Passion Youth is lead by Pastor Tommy Clark. Tommy has been at Passion since 2019 and is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus with youth of all ages! If you have any questions about Passion Youth, feel free to email him (tommy@passioncommunity.org).